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About RUTI Self Checkout

RUTI self checkout! A free convenient self-service mobile app for smart shopping and quick checkout.


  • You will have same-day bank deposit of all revenue received from customers using their app.
  • This paperless application will reduce your cost of printing receipts and coupons.
  • Track customer-buying habits to create targeted marketing programs and special offers.


  • Our scan, pay & go feature will increase product awareness, in addition to customer retention and interaction.
  • Affordable solution to go with the changes in time in post pandemic
  • Increase customer traffic and loyalty using our free customer incentive tools and features
  • Create a stronger bond between your business and customer


  • The app provides a well secure platform for the business owner to transact with customers.
  • Allows business owner to increase brand awareness by sending targeted digital couponing to customers daily.
  • The app allows for self-service shopping with post pandemic.


RUTI self checkout's Business Philosophy of “Saving Time, Saving Money, and Saving the Environment” is catered to give Vendors Optimal Benefit.

Fresh Supermarket
Mall of America



Too tired to go for Grocery Shopping? Planning to go somewhere but forgot to refill your groceries? RUTI self checkout will take care of it!!! Visit your Store and Order will be ready for you.

Scan & Shop

With RUTI self checkout, you can simply scan the Product with our App and add it to your Cart. With seamless cashless transactions on one click you can check out.

Easy Checkout

Why wait in line for billing process where you can simply Scan & Shop? Experience a faster Checkout Process by using our App.

Cashless Transactions

No need to carry cash while going for Shopping when you have RUTI self checkout’s wallet at your Service. You can also transfer money from one wallet to another.

Coupons & Deals

With our thrive to work harder for our users, RUTI self checkout will bring the most lucrative deals by partnering with brands to bring you the maximum discounts and benefits.


Earn Rewards points on every referral that you make which you can redeem while shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable Passcode Authentication?

Whenever you create a new account or login for the first time, you will be asked to set a new Passcode.

How can I Login With Passcode/ Touch ID/ Face ID?

When you open the app and if you have already logged in, you will be asked to enter passcode. You can login with Touch ID or Face ID by clicking bottom button. You can enable/disable Touch ID/Face ID from the Settings.

How Do I Scan & Shop?

After Unlocking the Store, you can scan product barcode via the App Scanner and product will be automatically added to your cart.

How Can I Add Money To My Wallet?

You can open wallet section from side menu, then click on add money button, which will ask you to enter amount you want to add. then click on submit button which will redirect you to payment page. After successful transaction, money will be credited to your wallet.

How Can I Transfer My Wallet Balance?

You can open wallet section from side menu, then click on transfer balance button. Which will ask you to enter email address of other user and amount you want to transfer. then click on submit button. This will prompt a confirmation dialog and after your confirmation, amount will be transferred to user with email address you have entered.

Can I Purchase From Multiple Stores At a Time?

No, You can not purchase from multiple stores at time.


A faster way to online shopping with the hands-on in store shopping experience. A quick way to reach out and keep in touch – all on the RUTI self checkout App. The RUTI self checkout mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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